Danny (vocalist) and Carol ( Bass Player) put the band together originally as a 3 piece band called Steppin Back playing 70s glam rock(T REX SWEET etc)

Tony the guitarist was in the audience and loved what we were doing and asked us if he could have a jam with us (It worked out perfect Super Yob reborn)

Lea the Drummer we have known for nearly 25 years and is one of the most sought after drummers in Perth (Great Guy)


The new Dave Hill on stage.  His name is Joe Rentuza.






DANNY ( Vocalist)

"Yeah, it was good meeting Dave And Don at the Sundowner hotel where they were playing one night. .They also played the Bindoon rock festival here which is no longer held. I had played there myself in a band in the 1980's. It was great, with 22,000 people out there. It's a shame Dave would not let me get up and do a number but I do understand he thought I was just a fan I guess( I did get him to sign the back of an album I had sitting in my old rusty car)LOL. The sound guy mixing Slade was a guy called Danny Bowmen, who had mixed quite a few of the bands I had been in, in the past. I met Steve and Craig also. The whole of the band were really nice, top blokes, especially Dave, to spend a bit of time talking to me. I have always liked Slade as a young guy and Noddy blew me away the first time I heard him. Steve Marirot (HUMBLE PIE and SMALL FACES) may he R.I.P was a great influence on me also. "

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