The new poster to advertise our upcoming gig next month. We are looking forward to playing at The Boat again. 

Almost Slayed's next gig is at The Charles Hotel on Saturday 25th June when they will be special guests for 70's glam rockers, Supernaut, who were also from Perth and reached no.1 in the Australian charts with their very first single, "I like it both ways"! 


Tickets on sale now from Ticketmaster.


Almost Slayed's next gigs are:


at the Chase Bar & Bistro, Baldivis, Perth

24th April 4pm 




Our next gig will be at The Charles Hotel on 29th August. After that we have another gig booked at The Chase Bar and Bistro, Baldivis on 26th September.

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the Slade/Quo tribute show on Fri. 3rd July at The Wanneroo Tavern

Tickets for the Slade/Quo tribute show on Fri. 3rd July at The Wanneroo Tavern, are available now online HERE for $20 plus booking fee ($24) and will be available from the Wanneroo Tavern by the middle of next week for $20.



We are looking forward to playing in Adelaide very soon.

The venue and date will be announced shortly.

Singer gets the ultimate tribute


Tyler Brown, Joondalup Times


 Girrawheen’s Danny Devlin, who fronts northern suburbs tribute band Almost Slayed, has been suggested as a possible new frontman for British glam rock band Slade.

COULD Girrawheen’s Danny Devlin be the next frontman for British rockers Slade?

The band that rose to prominence during the glam rock era of the early 1970s is looking for someone to replace current singer Mal McNulty and Perth’s own Devlin has been named as an obvious choice.

The call for a new frontman was put out last month after McNulty announced he was looking to step back from the role originally held by rock legend Noddy Holder, who quit the band in 1991.

In an interview with the Birmingham Mail, original band member Dave Hill said McNulty felt it was time for a younger frontman.

“As you get a bit older, it’s a tougher job on vocals,” he said.

“I would like somebody 40-ish who knows the period.

“There’s a guy in Australia who sounds just like Noddy, but that’s not really very practical.”

That guy was 50-year-old Devlin and he has since been approached by Slade’s manager to see how practical it might be.

Devlin, who fronts northern suburbs tribute band Almost Slayed, said while he knew they was looking for a new frontman, it was not something he had thought about before.

“It’s mind blowing but I’m feeling a bit confused – there’s lots of decisions to be made and like Dave Hill said, it could be complicated,” he said.

“Maybe 20 years ago (it would have been a dream come true) but nowadays I would only do it for a couple of reasons – one being the love of the music and, of course, to make a living.

“People that know me would know I wouldn’t be in it for the fame or glory – many times I have been asked to go on shows like The Voice but that is definitely not me.”

Devlin has been performing with wife Carol and band members Leroy Cleaver and Joe Rentuza for more than four years as Almost Slayed, doing solo shows and supporting bands like The Sweet.

While many have commented on Devlin’s striking resemblance to Noddy Holder, with an English company even recording his voice for an advert because they sounded so similar, Devlin believes no one could compare to Holder.

“What a lot of people don’t know about Noddy is he sings as high as Robert Plant or Freddie Mercury but he has a lot of bottom end grunt in his voice,” Devlin said.

“Everybody is different in their own right – we are similar in the fact that we’re both rockers, easy going and like a bit of a laugh.”

But many people around the world are getting behind Devlin, with fan groups encouraging him to take the position and with more than half of the comments on the Birmingham Mail interview with Hill suggesting Devlin as the obvious replacement.

“I feel very humbled and overwhelmed,” Devlin said.

Singers line up in Slade's search for a new Noddy Holder


An Australian Noddy Holder soundalike has thrown his huge mirrored hat into the ring as the quest to find a crazee new Slade frontman hots up.

Danny Devlin, 50, from far far away Perth, is considering upping sticks for the plum job of vocalist for the Black Country legends, after guitarist Dave Hill issued an urgent plea for a singer.

Dave, who still leads the band with original drummer Don Powell, was thrown into turmoil after Mal McNulty, who has been with the group for eight years, told him he could no longer handle the pace of replacing Walsall-born, gravel-voiced Noddy.

Popular Danny, who fronts successful Aussie Slade tribute quartet Almost Slayed, would certainly be a red-hot favourite for the role, as his high-decibel voice bears a striking resemblance to the star.

He told the Mail: “It’s all decisions, decisions.

‘‘I’ve got lots of relatives in Birmingham, Scotland and Ireland.

"Although I was born in Perth, I grew up in Leamington Spa and spent my childhood there until the age of nine.

“I suppose I could go over – never say never – but I really don’t know how serious Slade are.”


Read more :

Dave Hill: Slade are looking for a new Noddy


Slade legend Dave Hill is looking for a crazee new frontman to fill the platform boots of Noddy Holder.

Current singer Mal McNulty is looking to step back from the role originally held by the Walsall-born star, who quit the band in 1991.

But Hill said he had given up on trying to coax Holder and bassist Jim Lea back into the band after more than 20 years.

“I don’t think it will ever happen,” he said.

“Some people could be quite scared of the job – nobody replaces Nod because of his outstanding vocal capacity.

“Mal came up to me and said: ‘You know what, Dave? Maybe it’s time I went – I feel that maybe it’s time for a younger man’.



“I would like somebody 40-ish who knows the period. There’s a guy in Australia who sounds just like Noddy, but that’s not really very practical.




Read the whole story:

@ The Lesmurdie Club in Perth


WEBSITE for more informations HERE

Bowie & Slade -

Cum On Feel The Noize -

Two Tribute Shows in one night !




Witness a night to remember with 2 great shows, featuring Almost Slayed and Bowie Australia, Charles Hotel Sat 3rd November 2012, Tickets from the Charles Hotel.

Wanneroo Tavern 36th Birthday Bash

ALMOST SLAYED (Slade tribute band)
also STEPPIN' BACK (playing glam rock 70's hits)

Saturday, 15th September from 8.30pm

Two Classic Tributes


Almost Slayed & Black Rose


Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the 1972 Thin Lizzy and Slade tour!


Friday 11th May 2012Entry $10Doors open 8pm For more informations click  >>>> HERE

The next gig is at The Charles Hotel on 30th March.   ALMOST SLAYED are doing a double with a Thin Lizzy tribute band called Black Rose.  website

On Saturday, 10th March, 2012 "ALMOST SLAYED"


played to over 1,000 people at The Regal Theatre, Subiaco, Western Australia as opening act for THE SWEET in concert.


The whole evening was memorable. The audience cheered as ALMOST SLAYED took to the stage at 8pm and went straight into "Gudbuy t’Jane". The crowd went wild after just the first song. Danny got them all clapping their hands in time as he broke into "Coz I Luv You". The rest of the set went off just as well as it started, and by the time they finished on "Get Down & Get With It" the whole theatre was stamping their feet and joining in as Danny involved the audience. When that last song finished, the crowd was yelling for more, but as ALMOST SLAYED were only given a restricted time in which to play, they were signaled at the end of the song that they must finish, to leave time to get the stage ready for THE SWEET. So ALMOST SLAYED left the audience wanting more.


When THE SWEET came on they were superb and played a fantastic show. All in all it was a night to remember. THE SWEET told Danny they were very impressed with his vocals. He was so pleased to receive this compliment from them as all of their band have terrific vocals. Danny, Carol, Joe, Lea and Jonny from ALMOST SLAYED were honoured to play on the same stage as such a famous and incredible band.

Jonny Devlin,  who was playing keyboards with the band at the last two gigs they did.  The band sounds even bigger and better now having the piano parts that Jimmy Lea played on Slade's recordings.  Jonny will be playing with the band from now on, when he can. 

The new Dave Hill on stage. His name is Joe Rentuza.

pictures are online >>> HERE


ALMOST SLAYED`s next gigs:


Saturday 7th August  at

The Old Bailey Tavern, cnr. Reid/Grand Prom., Joondalup




Saturday 28th August at

The Boat, Mindarie Marina, Ocean Falls Boulevard, Mindarie

Pictures from the gig 27th February 2010 live @ The Boat are online now


SLADE TRIBUTE BAND Saturday 27th February



Almost SLAYED are the ultimate Australian SLADE Tribute Band who pay
homage to the mighty British institution that is ‘SLADE’!
They are set to rock The Boat where they will faithfully replicate the bawdy
sing-a-long tunes, the glam and glitter excess and the raw rock 'n' roll power that was the black country legends calling card during their early seventies heyday!
With uncanny vocal and visual resemblance to the original tartan trousered glam rock gods, ‘Almost Slayed’ will take 3 decades off the clock for you, back to a time when British Glam Rock was setting the standard worldwide for genuine good time party rock 'n roll.
Catch ALMOST SLAYED on stage from 8.30pm.
Phone: 9305 0700   Marina Management 


Download the ALMOST SLAYED flyer

27th February 2010


Cum On Feel The Noize !!!

29th of May at the Charles Hotel,  North Perth

on You Tube NOW !!!

Almost Slade - Wild Winds Are Blowin

Live at The Charles Hotel north perth WA 29/5/2009..

Almost Slayed-My Baby Left Me-LIVE!

Almost Slayed -Slade tribute-Mama Were All Crazee Now Live!

Almost Slayed -Slade tribute-Cum On Feel The Noize Live!

Almost Slayed -Slade tribute-Dizzy Mama Live!

Almost Slayed-Slade Tribute-Darlin Be Home Soon live

BIG THANK  to Courtney Notte from Wanneroo community news paper for running the article for us.

And also John Starr entertainment for his kind help in getting us the booking at the Charles Hotel on the 29th of May.
We also have  special guest act called the "Joe kings" a fabulous Perth Blues duo.

29th of May at the Charles Hotel,  North Perth
With Special guests to be announced
Doors open 8pm


And now NEW at My Space























Look wot u dun-Almost Slayed(formerly Slayed Again) Slade Tribute

ALMOST SLAYED at in Marty's recording room


Heres you will find also a photo of Marty Boot ...mixing us in his recording studio live.

Marty is a good old Wolverhampton lad  and Slade fan.

THANKS a lot to him !!!



Look at last nite-Almost Slayed (Formerly Slayed Again) Slade Tribute

Collection of even more songs taken from their gig at the Moon and Sixpence 28/2/2009

Danny Devlin of ALMOST SLAYED -Australian Slade Tribute  does an impersination of Noddy Holder singing  Cum on feel the noize on 'The Grimleys'.

All recordings of ALMOST SLAYED are done live without any over dubbing at all.As the band find that over dubbing is fooling the public and taking away the true sound of the band.



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