ALMOST SLAYED – Slade Tribute Band from Australia



Joe Rentuza.- Guitarist (Superyob),

Lea – Drummer (Don)

Carol - Bass Player(Jim)

Danny - Vocalist/Guitarist.(Noddy)



First of all, I´m very glad to be in contact with your band. I heard about a new Slade Tribute Band from Slade fans in the UK. I was very surprised about this and of course it was an honor for me to add the news on our Slade40Years website.

Slade were one of the most recognisable acts of the glam rock movement and were the most commercially popular Glam Rock Band in the UK.

Their chart rivals were Wizzard, Sweet, T. Rex, Suzi Quatro, Smokie, Gary Glitter and David Bowie.


Q.: When was it, that you became a fan of Slade ? Or have you always been Glam Rock fans?


A: We are all glam rock fans and got into Slade after hearing ’Slade Alive’ in the early 70’s


Q: Did you see Slade in the 70`s, when they toured Australia ?

I´m not sure about your age,so maybe it could be possible ???


A: Slade played in Perth in 72 or 73 but we were all too young to go and see them


Q: Danny (vocalist) wrote me, that he and Carol (Bass Player) put the band together originally as a 3 piece band called Steppin Back playing 70`s Glam Rock

(T REX, SWEET etc).

When was it ? Did you also play Slade songs as well ?


A: Steppin’ Back was formed in 2007 by Carol and Danny but with a different drummer, and yes they have always played some Slade songs.


Q: Danny mentioned also in an e-mail to me , that Tony, the guitarist was in the audience and loved what you were doing in Steppin Back and asked you if he could have a jam with you (and it worked out perfect Super Yob reborn)……..

When was it ? Had Tony been playing in other bands ?


A: Tony first saw Steppin’ Back in August 2008. He has played in many different bands in the past but not since he goit married in 1999. Seeing Steppin’ back inspired him to become a working musician again.



Q: Lea (drummer) you have known for nearly 25 years and is one of the most sought after drummers in Perth .

In what kind of bands he was playing before ? Is he a professional musician ?


A: Yes Lea is a professional musician who has freelanced for many years in lots of different styles of music including Irish, Swing and straight out Rock. Hes a great guy and a fantastic drummer whos is very easy to work with due to his immense experience and easygoing attitude.


Q. Why did you decide to become a Slade tribute band?

A. We did a gig as "Steppin' Back" and when Danny let loose during "Get Down and Get With It" the audience went crazy and at the end of the night quite a few people came up to us and said we sounded just like Slade so we decided to give it a go as a Slade tribute band.


Q: So when exactly did you found the ALMOST SLAYED Tribute band ?


A: Our first rehearsal was late August or early September of 2008


Q: Have you ever heard about Slade tribute bands in UK ?


A: No we were completely unaware until we started putting our videos up on you tube and saw there were others


Q: Danny wrote to me, that Perth is a lovely city but its the most isolated city on earth…….. I can`t believe it J It is a good sign for SLADE, to be so very well known in your most isolated city on earth J

Did you listen in your childhood already GLAMROCK or Slade ?

I remember on my own childhood, I started to listen Slade, when I was 14 years old J


A: Slade were huge in Australia during the early 70s so its no big surprise. They had a lot of hits here. But we were all listening to all the glamrock stars in the 70s, not just Slade…Sweet, Trex, Alice Cooper..the list goes on and on.



Q: Ive seen the videos that you have posted on you tube, that is how i became aware of your band. You have a version of "Gudbuy T`Jane" , "Cum On Feel The Noize" and "Hear Me Calling"

Why did you select this 3 songs at first ?


A: We had a couple of different people videoing us at that gig (our first). Not all songs were filmed in their entirity. These 3 were and came out very good so they are the ones we chose. They also happen to be 3 of Slades most well known songs here so it was an easy choice.


Q: How about your second show on the 28th February this year ?

Can you tell us more about it ?

Will you be adding to your You Tube collection with footage from this show as well?J


A: The show went down very well, there were more people so the word must be getting around. We had a great response from the crowd on the night and yes we did video some of the show. As for what we will be adding to you tube…you will have to wait and see.J But we will let you know soon


Q: I know, that it would be for your band a big honor to play at Europe.

Do you have already any plans about a management or own website ?


A: Its very early days yet, but we are hoping for the best. If we can attract the interest of a promotor/booking agent or management over there it is a very good chance. Ideally Europe and the UK would be the best place for us to play as that is where the most Slade fans, you never know....


Q: What are your plans about a setlist ? Slade produced a lot of fantastic songs and I think it will be not so easy, to select songs for this.

Which songs you was playing on your gig last weekend?


A: We play all of their big hits from the early to late 70s, and a few surprises..we are concentrating mainly on their early years as thats when they were at their most popular, and some might say at their very best


Q: Do you know the today`s SLADE ? What do you think about , that Dave and Don are still on stage after long 42 years ?


A: We think its great that they are still rocking. Danny met both Don and Dave when they came here to play at an outdoor festival in the early 90s and thinks they are just great down to earth guys. Very likeable and easy to chat to...We hope they are still playing for many years to come.


Q: Was you always interested on the members of Slade ? Do you know what Noddy and Jim are doing nowadays ?


A: Yes we are aware of what they are doing...and good luck to them...we just wish, like most other fans, that they still were touring with Slade


Q: Did you heard about Jim`s new album "Therapy" ?


A: Yes we are aware, you cant do a tribute like this without doing alot of

research on the band so we know what they are all up to. Have not heard ’Therapy’ though.


Q: Do you know, that we Sladefans founded at Germany a Don Powell Fanclub ? We have members from whole Europe and we are looking still for members J



A: Yes we saw it on your website, thats just great. We imagine Don is well pleased with it.


Q: There is still an international Slademailinglist working with members worldwide. Have you heard about it ? Or do you are already a member of this list ? J


A: No we didn’t know this but it is no big surprise. Slade had so many fans, and once you are a Slade fan, you are a fan for life.


Q: Do you know about new SLADE reviews on Unionsquare music/Salvo ?


A: No we did not but thanks for the link, we will have to check it out


Q: What kind of SLADE venyls we can find in your privat collection ?


A: We all have many different Slade albums, though vinyl is a bit rare these days. However, Danny has a full autographed copy of ’Slade in Flame’ that was given to him by the Quigley family from Ireland who photographed many bands in the 70’s including Slade and Thin Lizzy. Its a cherished posession and he wont be parting with



Q: We will publish this interview on our Slade Website. We have many visitors everyday from worldwide. What do you like to tell the fans personal ?


A: Tell them we would love to come over and perform for them. It really would be a dream come true. Anybody know any promotors or management that may like to get involved? If we could get a tour organized over there we would be there in a shot!


Q: I`m very happy to got this chance to take with your this inerview.

Many many THANKS ! I like it to wish to you a lot of success for the future and I hope to see you one day in Europe or Finland ? J


A: Thanks so much Monika, we all hope to get over there soon



THANKS a lot to ALMOST SLAYED from Australia for this interview.

Keep on rocking` and many greetings to Australia !





Helsinki / Perth 7.3.2009











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